"Will that jackhammer (barking dog, leaf blower, Jet taking off, hard rain, car alarm) be a problem?

Since I first threaded a Nagra back in film school, I have had a fascination with sound. Although I have been pulled into directing and executive positions along my career I always kept an audio kit at the ready. Todays gear is so much more complex but equally more reliable than when I first started. Now that I have more freedom to choose my assignments I am returning to my first love. I have steadily updated my kit over the last 2 years and will continue to do so.
  • My Basic kit Contents:

  • Sound Devices 664 Digital Audio recorder /mixer.
  • 4) IDX NP1 Li Batteries w/ IDX Quad Charger.
  • BDS DC power distributionOrca OR-34 bag.
  • Versa Flex harness.
  • Ipad w/ TC Buddy Slate.
  • Sony MDR 7502 headphones.
  • Ambient Recordeing 7 pin breakaway confidence cable w/ various ends.
  • 25' Peter Engh 7 pin extension.
  • Ktek 8'9" internal coiled carbon fiber fishpole.
  • Schoeps CMIT5U Shotgun mic w/ rycote Zeppelin & windjammer.
  • Schoeps MK-41 Shotgun.
  • 2) Lectrosonic 411 UHF Diversity wireless mic w/ Sanken, Tram & Countryman heads.
  • 2) Tram TR-50 hard wired lavs.
  • ASC Boom Mate w/ knuckle & stand.
  • Petrol Rain Poncho.
  • Fostex 6301 BEAV Speaker.
  • Lexmark CF/SD card reader2) 32g CF cards, 2) 32g SD Cards + Case.