Welcome to Connor Cine

I started Connor Cine after helming two highly successful production services companies in an effort to concentrate on my core strength’s of Direction, Production and Sound. Being a more efficient company allows me to adapt as quickly as the industry changes in order to serve clients better.

I have always been a gear head. If it advances the craft forward in terms of better looks, smoother integration and a simplified workflow then I am all for it. I always want to use the finest tools available on my productions to give my clients the best possible product. Let’s face it, Digital Cine cameras and lenses are expensive but ohhhh so worth it when it comes to imagery and impact. This is why I teamed up with friends Dustin & Chong to form Liberty Camera. All my camera department related pages now point to this site. We are now the dominant player in this market when it comes to cine style equipment.

So remember, Connor Cine for production services/rentals and Liberty Camera Company for camera rental needs.

Phone 610-304-8899